Soul Sodas

The perfect drink when you're not drinking

Finally, a non-alcoholic drink to fit your personality!

If you're looking for a non-alcoholic drink, but want something a little different to your typical soft-drink flavours, take a look at the flavour selections available from Soul. Twist the top off one of these fantastic fizzy creations. You’ll know the names. All taken from classic cocktails. Now it’s your turn to try Soul’s delicious non-alcoholic soft drink version. Enjoy!   


Soul Mojito

Lemon, Lime & Mint

The Cuban taste of summer?

The beautiful aroma of mint, mixed with the fresh citrus taste of limes and lemons. Are you looking to satisfy your thirst while entertaining your taste buds? Then look no further, because it doesn't get much better than this. Go the Cubans! Viva Libre!


Soul Cosmopolitan

Cranberry & Lime

The iconic flavour of the city?

The instantly recognizable flavours of cranberry, balanced with the sweetness of cane sugar and the tartness of lime. This drink is just as refreshing on it's own, as it is with your favourite spirit. Anyone for a cosmopolitan in the city?


Soul Margarita

Lemon, Lime & Agave

The classic taste of Mexico

Whether you prefer yours on the rocks or frozen, kick back and relax with an ice-cold Margarita! Enjoy a refreshing zingy citrus combination with a dash of agave flavour. Your taste buds won't be disappointed. Raise your glass to the most popular cocktail in Mexico.


The perfect drink when you're not drinking

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